Data and reporting services

At Gather, we provide real-time and efficient GIS data and reporting to save time and money for your business.
Our services include:

  • Easy to use applications for quickly updating asset data in real time. Teams can use the application on a phone or tablet, attaching photos and selecting values from pre-configured lists.
  • Applications can be used online and offline
  • Configurable data templates for standard projects (e.g. Street Lighting LED Installs)
  • Bespoke data solutions designed for your business.
  • Live online maps for each project, each asset symbolised to show status
  • Web maps that can be shared with anyone with a browser, no need for mapping software
  • Optimised route planning
  • Data validation and analysis
  • Dashboards of live performance
  • Accurate and regular reporting
  • Consultancy
  • Technical support

Value added, innovative GIS solutions for your business

We offer a cloud based bespoke solution using the world’s most powerful GIS software. It is a secure platform, configurable to suit your exact needs available 24/7 and operates on all mainstream platforms through apps and web* (Android, iOS, Windows).

We will consult you about your business, talk the solution and deployment programme through and offer innovation where we see it.


We had three site teams working simultaneously in the same town, all with their preferences for where they wanted to work when. So, we clustered and sequenced the work to exclusive areas with a logical, efficient working pattern so it reduces fuel costs, enhances carbon footprint, the teams are happy as is the storeman all at the same time.

We love to see the smile on your face when the innovation hits home, but it doesn’t stop there. When we shout “Eureka!” at Gather towers, you will hear us and benefit.

*Download your data instantly, and securely, in a couple of mouse clicks or look at it on a pretty dashboard.