Case Studies

The following case studies demonstrate Gather Consulting’s value proposition


Following the success of the Ringway invest-to-save proposal to Bracknell Forest Council to replace the authority’s street lights to LED. As part of this the central management system (CMS) was also tendered. Gather were engaged to provide contract management, negotiation and project management services to Ringway Bracknell Forest.  A strong partnership was established that exists to this day.

Supporting Bracknell’s street lighting agent, Gather provided analysis and complimentary smart project management to key stakeholders, ensuring a low-risk delivery.

Over time we became a trusted advisor to both Ringway’s team and Bracknell Forest Council.  We successfully mitigated Ringway’s responsibility for any challenges the Council faced (none due to us) and then assisted the client in their resolution.

Our tender analysis was thoroughly researched and produced, objective and clear and focused on delivering long-term best value for the client and tax payer.  We calculated long-term capital, revenue and other costs as well as providing an in-depth analysis of outcomes.  This enabled the client to make a fully informed and objective decision.  This approach robustly minimises challenges.

Unforeseen circumstances led to a mid-project change in the installation team (not contracted by Gather). The new team was of variable quality, training and motivation to undertake the work at a stage when the client was pleased with project performance to date.  Gather worked with the contractors agent and managed the situation to ensure quality was maintained, despite challenging internal factors, leaving outside stakeholders entirely untroubled and with no reputational costs to any party.

Quick Facts

Role                                         Contract negotiation and set up, strategic support and smart

project management services

Ultimate Client                       Bracknell Forest Council

Initial Installation Period       August 2016, over three years

Scope                                      14,000 LED conversions with CMS. 2,000 column replacements

Project Cost                            £7.3m, payback 12 years

Maximum one day output     70 units

Working days                         685

Average installations             20 per day



Gather Consulting provided strategic street lighting support and smart electronic solutions to Ringway Wiltshire and its supply chain partners in an evolving service.  The prime contractor, designers, installation sub-contractors, site survey teams and tree surgeons were able to work in a seamless environment that we developed and maintained.

Gather’s services produce extensive time savings to Ringway management, both on site and in administration.  Gather give all parties confidence in delivery, and every facet of the contract is fully auditable in granular detail.  This is a textbook delivery of a flagship project with two notable innovation highlights:1.Electrical Test Certificates

Gather publish ‘instant’ electrical test certificates for both Ringway and the client. We provide live email alerts for serious condition assessments and analyse missing certificates.  This enables management to stay on top of site activities and push ownership responsibilities back to the client or installers as appropriate.  Liability is mitigated ‘at source’ keeping Ringway management firmly in control.

2. Commercial and Logistics Support

We analyse work done and fed back errors, and we publish payment applications promptly without a QS or administration. Delivery tickets and material consumption are recorded centrally, simplifying booking in. Ringway maintenance payments are captured ’client-ready’; freeing-up management time in review and administration time in keying-in.  In summary, Gather support Ringway with an accurate, efficient and auditable system with fewer errors, faster payments and far less management administration.


Quick Facts

Role                             Contract Strategic support and smart project management services

Ultimate Client           Wiltshire Council

Contract Period          April 2019 to present

Installation                 October 2019 to August 2021

Project Scope              LED conversions with central management system. Maintenance support.

Volume                       35,000 LED and CMS conversions

Project Cost                £13m, payback 12 years


Hertfordshire LED street lighting replacement ‘Phase 4’

This was a three-year project to procure, survey, design, install, test (including structural testing) and commission LED lighting, incorporating a central management system (CMS) on B, C and unclassified (residential) roads employing various dimming and trimming strategies to optimise energy and carbon savings on assets that are already part night lit. The project cost approximately £18.5m and delivered an estimated £1.865m saving in energy consumption, carbon emissions and tax and maintenance costs per year.  Network disruption has been permanently reduced and the experience for the travelling public dramatically improved.


On 15th June 2017 this project won the Institute of Highways and Transportation Sustainability Award


This phase of work was one of the largest single-phase LED replacements in the UK and was led by the same team that delivered the earlier phases.


Key features:

  • Increased value from the supply chain: The cost of luminaires, CMS nodes, service charges, designs and surveys were all less than in the previous phases
  • The cost model was achieved despite the prevailing economic climate (Brexit uncertainty)
  • Lessons from previous work led to the retention of principals that worked well alongside implementing steps to bring improvements where necessary
  • Rigorous, open competitive tendering of luminaires, using group buying power to ensure that best value was obtained by aggregating potential purchases
  • Enhanced logistics planning and labelling; reducing rework, site errors and commercial mishaps
  • Factory-fitted and on-site installer-fitted shields improved the service to the public and reducing complaints about light trespass
  • Factory fitted NEMA sockets enhanced maintainability, fault finding and repair
  • Negotiated and re-negotiated service level agreements with suppliers who were tied into a long term framework to meet project objectives. Ringway and Hertforshire CC exposure to claims arising from material failure or non-performance was reduced and price certainty for this and future works was established.


This phase featured an innovative approach to concrete ‘sleeves’:  The safest and best value approach was to retain existing concrete columns, remove concrete brackets and ‘sleeve’ them. This saved the project c. £0.8m.  We shortened lead times and reduced errors and survey time by integrating the sleeve provider into the installation process.  As soon as a sleeve was surveyed it was flagged to the manufacturer to provide the sleeve reference and the order could be placed immediately.


Quick Facts

Role                                         Project Lead

Ultimate Client                       Hertfordshire County Council

Contract Period                      April 2017 to March 2020

Installation programme         April 2017 to March 2020

Project Scope                          Prove business case, set up, tender and mange LED

conversions with 70,000 LED and CMS conversions

Project Cost                            £18.5m, payback 8 years

Maximum daily output          307 units

Ave. installations per day      69