The sections below demonstrate some of the services we provide. Due to client confidentiality, the information below is for demonstration purposes only.


  • We create online maps from your asset data. Maps can be shared throughout your organisation and with clients as you wish, either via a web browser or using Esri’s Collector application on a tablet or phone.



  • We validate the data and add street map detail, along with accurate symbols for asset status.
  • We host our maps on Esri’s secure website. Your organisation will have its own password protected account allowing you quick access to all your maps, data and analytics.




  • Teams on site have easy access to maps via the free Collector application. Collector is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices.
  • Collector displays a map of assets to be worked on for a specific crew. Users click on an asset on a map to update it (for example to change the status from Incomplete to Complete, attach a photo of work done or add notes for a client).
  • Clicking on an asset will also give the option to fill out Electrical Test forms, Site Risk Assessments etc. Bespoke forms can be added to match your requirements.


  • While the teams are updating the assets as they work, users back in the office can view a full map of all projects
  • Visualisations allow for quick understanding of project status
  • Data can be exported to csv files at regular intervals
  • We provide map presentations and dashboards to show KPIs and trends
  • Selected data can be shared with your clients and staff as a Web Appwhich is viewable in a browser(no need to access our portal or install mapping software)
  • We work with you to understand how mapping can help your business, for example providing optimised routes when planning a new project.