GIS offers technology benefits to location dependent businesses. Analysing your data with GIS will give you location intelligence to dramatically alter the way you work and communicate.

  • Instantaneous collaboration. Data is updated in real time by technicians and project planners. The latest version of the data is always available to users via their smartphone or tablet.
  • Improved decision making. Technicians can update data as soon as work is carried out, allowing project managers to make informed decisions quickly. Projects with real time data can be planned more efficiently, adjusting where necessary as soon as new information becomes available.
  • Improved communication.  A visual representation of project progress can be understood faster than a spreadsheet of numbers. Project stakeholders can open a map on their phone and get an understanding of the project status in seconds. Maps can be used to provide quick progress updates in presentations.
  • Cost savings. Visualising work on a map allows planners to easily assign teams to assets in the most location-efficient way. GIS also comes with a variety of tools that can be used for spatial analysis – eg calculating the shortest route between addresses or creating buffer zones around an area.
  • Enhanced data. GIS is the gold standard used by government agencies, local authorities and private companies. A wide range of GIS data is available in the public domain and can be easily merged with your data to provide context and depth. Basemap examples: streets, aerial photography, topography, population heat maps etc.
  • Data accuracy. GIS allows for a very high degree of location accuracy and makes it possible for large groups of users to update and correct data as they work with it.
  • Complex data represented using simple visuals. GIS stores different types of data in layers and these layers can easily turned on and off within any map. Users can choose to view only the data that is relevant to them at a given time and add back in the other layers for context whenever they wish.