Slick digital operations, high profit, low risk.

Don’t agree? Well please let me persuade you it’s time you did! Digital is here to stay, conservatively you will see a 30% cost reduction (McKinsey Global Institute – Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution, February 2017).

Over the coming weeks Gather will present the case for digital operations, entire collaborative platforms that roll the whole supply chain into one source of the truth. The more complex, the more parties involved, the better. Automated services, no administration, instant information, no waiting…. It’s like the future, but now.

We live in challenging times but how much harder would they be without the benefit of a smartphone and the internet? ‘Smart’ project management (using a digital platform) is like that benefit all over again. Now where are those people who swore they’d never need a smartphone…your candy-crushing pocket supercomputer is an industry revolution waiting to happen.

For various reasons street lighting has been slow on the uptake of digital. That’s hurting the whole industry in terms of quality, safety, time, profit, staff retention and ultimately the public it serves. Capital projects are the ideal showcase for what digital can do for your business, the wider industry, the public and project stakeholders.

Let me define the stakeholders I consider relevant in a large scale capital project (your thoughts welcome as to whether you agree, I accept the list is reactive to scope.)

– Street lighting designers
– T1, T2 and T3 contractors, installers, supervisors, auditors
– Manufacturers (street lighting, central management system, other lighting infrastructure)
– Site surveyors
– Buyers
– Planners / Schedulers
– Project managers
– Permitters (client side and contractor side)
– Distribution network operator
– Commercial
– Administrative staff
– Warehouse staff
– Traffic management
– Client teams (Council officers and elected members)
– General public
– Arborists
– Letter droppers
– Street lighting maintenance service
– Customer service centre
– Ground workers (‘the hobbits’) and reinstatement gangs
– Cable jointers (ICP, DNO or private network)
– Parish and district councils

That’s a long list, (I’m sure I’ve missed someone, apologies).  All of these parties can and should be working together in one slick digital operation. 

Next week  I’m going into detail on one of the fifteen themes that going digital can do for you. Please drop your thoughts in the comments section or if you have anything specific you want to discuss contact me directly on ,